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[There's a boy with crab hair spiky hair sitting in the corner. He has one leg crossed over the other, arms folded across his chest and eyes closed. Judging from his expression and body language, he is Not Amused.

Bother him anyway?]
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Wow, don't you look cheerful. [And here's one Nagumo Haruya, sarcastic as ever. He's staring at Miyabino with a look that's rather unsure what to make of the goalkeeper.

... Then again, getting stuck wherever-this-was was probably a good reason to not be cheerful.]
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Sure can. You give off this incredible aura of happiness.

[... Yeah, okay, he can't even keep up his serious expression before he bursts out laughing.]
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Pfff, sorry, I can't keep up that serious act too long. I've actually been here all of fifteen minutes, so I'm not sure I can answer your question accurately.

Name's Nagumo Haruya. And you are...?
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[Burn nodded in acknowledgement.]

Wherever "here" is.
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Well, we're definitely not here because we want to be. I was in the middle of something kind of important. [He sighs.]

But from what I can tell, we're stuck. First thing I did when I got here was head outside, and I could only get so far without smacking into some invisible wall or something.
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I guess you could say settling something with an old friend.

[Burn doesn't look like he'll say much more than that on the matter.]