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[ So one moment he was doing homework at a ridiculous time in the morning, and then the next, he was not.

And he's cool with that, since that he's pretty sure he's either hallucinating or has fallen asleep and dreaming.

So he's just going to wander until someone bumps into him and tells him that he should wake up from this random dream and get back to studying. Or something. ]
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[Oh hello teammate we didn't see you there--

No, really, Hayabusa didn't. Actually he's not really around. You see that flight of stairs you're heading for? Hayabusa just oh-so-gracefully fell down it.

And landed on his face. Ow.

What will you do?
> Point and laugh
> Ignore him and keep walking
> Check to see if he's okay]
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... Something like that. Nice to see you, too.

[Can he not get up? Because ow.]
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[Okay yeah, ow, staying on the floor is probably a bad idea.

Thanks for the hand, though, buddy. Hayabusa's not about to turn down help.]

I'll leave the graceful entrances to you next time.
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[If the fall itself didn't do it, the resulting bruises will. Ow.]

So you ended up here too, huh?
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Yeah. I dunno how it happened or where exactly we are, but... [Blanking out at what to say next, he simply gestures, hoping the other will get what he meant.]

I thought I dozed off while studying for the exam coming up, but that fall felt a little too painfully real for a dream.
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Uh, Hoshifuru, I don't think that's a good idea-- [Hayabusa scampers up the stairs to follow the other, looking concerned.]
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Don't say I didn't warn you. [He'll back off, crossing his arms.

... And maybe covering his eyes, he just can't watch.]
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[That sounded painful. Here, have a Hayabusa coming to check on you.]

... Told you. [B|]
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[... Well, hopefully that wasn't hard enough to give you a concussion, bro. Hayabusa just silently holds a hand out to help the other up.]
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[He opens his mouth to say "I told you so" but then shuts it. Now's not the time to be a jerk.]
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And you possibly have the bonus of a bump on your head. Please don't do that again; you'll end up giving yourself a concussion or something.
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Maybe we should look around a bit. There could be an exit or something.
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[Hayabusa will just. Reach out to steady you since it looks like you need it.]
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[Going to stand on tiptoes to see over your shoulder.]

... That's a lot of bookshelves... [And all of them look full, too... If they weren't searching for an exit, Hayabusa would want to poke around in there more, but...]
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[This is true. Hayabusa goes to another door to open it--Oh hey a face full of wind. Looks like they found a door that leads outside.]

... This is too convenient. [Suddenly all of the red flags.]
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[There's a pitch, but beyond that... just a bunch of tall grass. Hayabusa steps out as well, walking on ahead.] It's like we could just walk off... [Despite what he says, he doesn't believe it. Also he's going to keep on walking across the field--]

OW! [... yep, invisible barrier.]
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[Jeez that hurt--]

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Maybe we should explore the rest of that building or something.