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Otonashi Kidou ([personal profile] huh) wrote in [community profile] inazuma11dressing2012-06-17 06:26 pm
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[Hello DR. You may notice this kid as Kidou Yuuto, but he won't recognize the name if you call him by it. His name is Otonashi Yuuto. Yes, Otonashi. No, he didn't finally get married to his sister like the siscon he is. Rather then getting adopted by the Kidou family, he was adopted along with his sister to the Otonashi family. And now he's a student at Raimon, a fellow member of the Newspaper Club and a new member of the Soccer Club.

He looks a bit confused though and when he notices someone, that someone being you, he makes his way over.]

Uh, excuse me. Have you seen a girl about my height, blue hair, and grey eyes wandering around?

[First train of thought: WHERE IS MY PRECIOUS BABY SISTER]

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