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[It takes skill to catch a ninja off-guard. Even moreso to whisk one away to some strange place unawares. So when he awoke, Kirigakure wasted no time at all:

Searching. Searching for his captor(s). Because the whole scenario piqued his interest, he's not leaving until he sees them.

Time to put that stealth training back at Sengoku Igajima to work! As with those old movie cliches, he lurks in the shadows about various areas in the building.

Most people won't be able to sense a thing, but maybe the more perceptive characters will get that uncomfortable feeling of someone watching...]

[ooc: Feel free to put up a location of choice when you tag. Kirigakure's attack plan will change accordingly. c:< ]

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Library! Of course. |D

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[Arata's currently holed up on an arm chair in the corner of the large library, laptop in his lap and his fingers firing at the keys like rapid fire gunshots.

... Not that he's actually doing anything important, mind you. He's actually just keeping himself occupied as he waits for others to show up.
Rule #1 of being lost: stay put so others can find you!!]
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[He pauses in his typing, staring at his screen for a second, before going back to it.
Just seems like coding of some sort...]

... You're reflected on the screen, Kirigakure.

[That's said with a smile, of course!]
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I've been here for a while, actually. I had a feeling someone else was here, so I decided to wait.

[Don't worry, Kirigakure! If it wasn't for his screen, he'd never have noticed you!]
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[He has to pause then, even stopping his typing momentarily.]

... Knowing her, I wouldn't doubt that at all.
It sounds pretty plausible, doesn't it?
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... That doesn't sound plausible at all, Kirigakure.
There's a higher chance that she's gotten permission to borrow this place, or perhaps it's simply abandoned.

[Another pause, and he makes a little sound of frustration.]

I don't like not knowing what she's up to, though. It's hard to do things when you can't predict the consequences, even now...
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... Mm.

[He looks from his screen, to Kirigakure, and back to his screen, before giving his friend a "one moment" signal and finishing up a line of code.

Then, he closes his laptop and stands.]

Alright. I can come with you now.
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[Of course the box of tea he wants is on the top shelf. Curses.

Reaching. Reaching.]
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[Of course that surprises him because he didn't expect anyone to jump on him like that, not to mention taking his box of tea.]


[Maaaybe a tad annoyed.]
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[He catches the box of tea. Oh. If this guy just wanted to help he guesses that's okay...]

Thanks but was all that necessary, though?
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Well, it wasn't my fault it was all the way up there. Besides, I almost had it.
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[That comment makes him frown but Miyabino shakes his hand anyway.]

I'm Miyabino. Since you're here, do you want some tea?
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One of the several flights of stairs...

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[Curiosity may kill the cat, but satisfaction brings it back.

Err, that's at least Heat's philosophy about the whole thing. Yeah, he's worried, but there's a whole place to explore! Priorities, this kid has 'em.

But you probably shouldn't try to startle Heat here... falling down stairs (or up them!) is really painful...]