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Kirigakure Saiji ([personal profile] mistifies) wrote in [community profile] inazuma11dressing2012-06-22 01:08 pm
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[It takes skill to catch a ninja off-guard. Even moreso to whisk one away to some strange place unawares. So when he awoke, Kirigakure wasted no time at all:

Searching. Searching for his captor(s). Because the whole scenario piqued his interest, he's not leaving until he sees them.

Time to put that stealth training back at Sengoku Igajima to work! As with those old movie cliches, he lurks in the shadows about various areas in the building.

Most people won't be able to sense a thing, but maybe the more perceptive characters will get that uncomfortable feeling of someone watching...]

[ooc: Feel free to put up a location of choice when you tag. Kirigakure's attack plan will change accordingly. c:< ]

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