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Cat #2!

[ Today, Kittiriya has given Kittino the slip and run off on his own or at least, he hopes he has.

The blue kitten isn't going anywhere in particular, or doing anything but generally running into walls, between feet (or into feet) and being a nuisance.

Catch the blue furball? He likes pets... Especially if they're scratchies behind his ears. ]
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[Well, he might have given the cat version the slip, but there's also a human version walking around.

He's a little surprised when the kitten runs into his foot, but... hey, it's a cat. Kirino's just going to reach down and give the kitten some pets because yay, cats ;u;]
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[What a cute little kitten, though... it kind of reminds him of...

No matter. Hopefully Kariya doesn't mind being picked up and placed on Kirino's lap for more petting!]
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H-hey...! [Well, wherever Kariya ends up climbing, Kirino's not going to stop him...]
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[He hardly notices the bite and just starts scratching behind one of Kariya's ears.]
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[Oh how cute-- yes more scratching behind the ears for you then.]
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I wonder where you came from, little guy... You hungry or something? Maybe there's milk or something in the kitchen... [He's not sure if Kariya will even understand him, but at least nobody else is around so he won't look crazy for talking to a cat.]
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Heh, all right, let's get some for you, then. [He's going to keep a hand on you for now so you won't tumble off his shoulder as he stands up. To the kitchen!]
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[It doesn't take very long for Kirino to find the kitchen and when he does, he makes a beeline for the fridge to get some milk out. He gets out a small saucer from a cupboard, pours a bit of milk into it, and then sets it on the floor. Kariya's also being placed on the floor as well.]

There you go, little guy.
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[Kirino will just sit nearby and watch, occasionally reaching over to stroke Kariya's head.]
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[Here, Kariya, hope you don't mind Kirino helping with that a little, then.]
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[It wasn't! He was just trying to get the excess milk off!

Here, have some pettings because so adorable *^*]