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Inazuma Eleven DR Mods! ([personal profile] i11dr_mods) wrote in [community profile] inazuma11dressing2012-07-04 02:30 pm
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['sup, residents of the DR.

Guess what.

It's hotter than hell, as per your usual summer days. Lovely, ain't it? Not even the breeze is gonna cool you off, because THAT'S HOT TOO.

Don't worry though, the DR is here to help! ... Err, sort of. Those of you going "outside" (though, why would you?) will discover that the soccer field is no longer RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR.

Nope, it's just grass now. There's a shed off to the side that has some sport equipment in there, and a gravel path that... forks? The left fork leads to the pitch, but the right...

Since when did the DR have a lake? Well, that doesn't matter now, does it? There's all sorts of fun stuff. Waverunners, kayaks, canoes, other sorts of boats, inflatables, fishing equipment, anything you can think of! And most importantly, life jackets of course.

Go ahead, go cool off by doing fun stuff in the lake. You know you want to.]

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