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[Miyabino's on the field by himself. He's sitting cross legged in the center of one of the goal posts with one elbow resting on his knee and his hand supporting his head as he stares intently at the soccer ball that's in front of him.

...Maybe it would be a better use of time to go back inside and look for someone to actually play with him.]
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Hey. You're in my goal, you know.

[That's said with a grin, as Genda stands not too far away. Poor guy looks so bored!]
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You know me?

[He knows he's popular - but is he really that popular?]
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[He's a little surprised - but Miyabino's getting an enthusiastic grin from him!]

Well, I wouldn't say it's an "honour" - I'm not that great!
But I'm happy to hear that!

You've heard a lot about me, huh?
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[That gets a little pause.]

... "Commander" Kidou? "Coach" Sakuma?
What do you mean?

[Don't mind the look of confusion, Miyabino --]
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They can't, though - they're my age.
... Not to mention, Kidou goes to Raimon, as of right now.
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[Is that weird...]
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[... Oh hello there.]

Miyabino! You're here too?
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I've only gotten here recently. It's good to see ya!
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[ Sup random Teikoku goalie, have a Tengawara forward attempt to kick the ball into the goal's corner (of course he's not actually going to kick at the goalie. That's history.) with a little more force than needed.

It was there, okay? ]
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You were spaced out.

[ He flicks his hair backwards. Hmph, it's not like the goalie was on the other side of the pitch or anything. ]
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[ Sass? Here? Nooooo. ]

The ball was there. It didn't look like you were doing anything with it.
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[ Hoshifuru catches it and drops the ball to the ground with a raised eyebrow. ]

Oh really?

[ He won't be taking any shortcuts then, although he does bring the ball back with him a little... before kicking the ball into the air and preparing for his Hissatsu.

Hope you can catch a Kai Head Bazooka coming your way, Mister Goalie. ]
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[ Hoshifuru is only a little bummed that he didn't actually make the shot in.

Ah well, he should have expected as much from someone in a Teikoku uniform. ]

Hm, maybe I may have underestimated you a little. [ You're tiny after all. ]
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Oh? What's the second?

[ He catches the ball with a smirk and kicks it right back, going for the opposite side of the goal.

Since his Hissatsu has already been blocked, there's not much point in continuing to use it. Might as well use his best stat, which happens to be speed, to surprise the goalie rather than going for blunt force. ]
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Hn. [ He clearly doesn't think it's a mistake, though.

Hoshifuru runs back up to the goal and kicks the ball back in. Stop blocking it gosh B|. He's no Kita but he's not useless. Probably. So he says, after getting only one line in the anime. ]
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[ ...He's actually surprised that one got in considering his luck with things like this. But he won't let it show on his face, instead choosing to keep it straight (and a little haughty). ]

2-2, it seems.
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You have to be on the ball all the time. [ Yes it totally did count shut up.

Hoshifuru takes the ball and kicks it around a few times before suddenly kicking it at the goal. Now he wishes that he trained a little harder at his kick rather than speed. ]
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Hn. [ Nooo comment. Just means he's got to try harder.

Attempting the same Hissatsu shot again! Because he doesn't know any others like hell he's going to lose. ]
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[ Well it's not like he's stealing the ball off anyone, which is what his other technique is for.

This time, the shoot might feel a little stronger -- he's not underestimating this guy anymore. ]
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[ ...Well actually this goalie is not bad at all. ]

Of course not. [ He flicks his hair back. If he's not going to beat this guy then he's going to at least keep his ego intact. ]
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[ ...Fair point. But it's not like Tengawara is a bad team, either -- they just kind of maybe got squashed by the Fifth Sector. ]

Hn, it's fine.

Maybe next time. [ There's no point right now of course. He takes this as a cue to practice more!! ]
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It was! [ He smiles properly, too. ]

My name's Hoshifuru Kaguya. [ He offers a hand to shake. ]
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It was good meeting you.

[ +1 rival!! ]
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Of course. Next time, I will be better though.

[ And that is a promise. ]