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[The DR's been pretty quiet lately, huh? If you happen to wander into the kitchen, you'll find Kirino here and [personal profile] honeybadgerniisan cooking! There doesn't seem to be any particular occasion, but... they've managed to make quite a bit...

You could probably get the attention of either one if you wanted, and maybe sneak a bite of the food while you're at it...]

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[The smells from the kitchen is definitely what draws him there. When he pokes his head inside the kitchen and sees his friend there, he smiles a little.]

What are you up to?
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[He looks over as well and offers a friendly smile before walking over to stand next to Kirino to peer at what he's doing in interest.]

I can't imagine being bored enough to cook.

[Then again, he can't really cook so...]
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Actually, I can't imagine that either.

[He laughs a little. Oh the life of the privileged.]

What are you making though?
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[He leans a little closer to read the name.] Oh, I see! [A beat, then--] You don't mind if I watch, do you? I've never really seen someone cook before.
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[So Shindou stays and watches Kirino as he cooks, making sure to not be too much in the way. It's actually kind of interesting.]
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[ ...Oh no he's cooking again.

Clearly time to be happy! He strolls with a wave. ]

Hey. You guys sure made... a lot, huh.
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[But this time it's not because he's stressed out!]

Oh, hello, Kyousuke. [It's Yuuichi that turns to greet the other; Kirino gives a quick greeting before returning to his task. Yuuichi glances back at what he and Kirino have already made.] Ah... it is quite a bit, isn't it? I guess that's what happens when you put two bored cooks in a kitchen together. [He chuckles.]
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Yeah, it's true that there's not much to do here.

[ He smiles at the food though. Not going to complain if there's free food about. ]

Still! [ He kind of... looks over to Kirino though. ]

I didn't know Kirino-senpai could cook. [ No, Kyousuke, there are better ways to word that-- ]
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Yes, but are you any good.

[ He knows his brother is. ]

Oh well! Doesn't hurt to try. [ Why is he being all smiley happy happy?? ]
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Oh. [ well then. ]

I've never really spoken to you so I didn't know. What did you make here? [ Looking over at the products. ]