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There's certainly a lot of pink in this room--

[--and also a lot of hostility, it seems.

It looks like four Kirinos just converged into one room in the DR and are bickering amongst themselves... or at least two of them are. One donning a Mannouzaka uniform and the other wearing the usual Raimon uniform are the ones who seem to be doing all the bickering...]

Me?! The imposter?! I think not!

Yeah?! Explain that uniform, then!

I go to Mannouzaka, dumbass!

[If anyone wants to shut them up, feel free. There's also a much younger version of Kirino looking up at the two older ones with a frown, plus a cat version that's probably darting past your feet when you step inside.]

[ooc: Just specify whether you want to talk to [personal profile] doingthemistything (Canon), [personal profile] manipulativemist (Mannouzaka AU!Kirino), [personal profile] bubblegumball (Bitty), or [personal profile] mistkitty (Cat). Even if the latter won't do very much talking.]

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[Shindou's drawn there because of the commotion and what he sees makes him reel back a little. Only... he couldn't let Kirino argue with himself like that so he approaches them, albeit a little hesitantly.]

You guys...
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[Shindou, you're getting a seven-year-old Kirino tugging at the end of your shirt and staring up at you. He looks a little disgruntled. Can you take him away from the arguing big kids please? ;;]
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[The tiny Kirino suddenly tugging at his shirt surprises him.]


[He really should be stopping the arguement though...]
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[Shindou, you're the first remotely familiar face that tiny Kirino's seen since he was here.

They'll eventually stop on their own, don't worry, just get bitty Kirino out of here--

... Or, rather, no matter where you go, you'll probably have the little one clinging to your side. Hope you don't mind, Shindou.]
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[He looks down at the mini version of his friend then up at his friend and his jerk!double before looking back down at the mini and sighing.]

I guess a kid like you shouldn't be hanging around here.

[He takes hold of tiny Kirino's hand to lead him away. The other two can deal with their problem themselves.]
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[He'll just grip Shindou's hand with a small smile, then.

Once they're far enough away from the arguing pair...] Thanks...
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[Shindou smiles down at him.]

It's fine.

[But honestly, he doesn't know where to take the kid.]
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[Well, it's a good thing Kirino seems to know exactly where he wants to go, then!

He'll just tug at Shindou's hand and point in a direction.]
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[And Shindou follows along without any protest. He forgot how quiet Kirino used to be though.]
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[After a while of walking, he speaks up again.]

... it's weird seeing you so big. [Also he was a little lacking in the tact department at that age too.]
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[That actually makes Shindou chuckle a bit.]

I bet it would be since you're used to seeing me being a lot younger, right?
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Oh, here they are. Tiny Kirino opens the door to reveal... a library... and a rather large one at that.]
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Oh. [Shindou peers inside, curiously, before laughing quietly to himself.] I should have known.
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[He just beams up at Shindou before darting inside.]
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[He follows Kirino inside the library, glancing at a title here and there.]

Is there something in particular you want to look at?
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[He wanders over to one of the bookcases, standing on tiptoes to look at one of the shelves.

... Darn it, he can't reach. >:( ]
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[Oh, he can help with that.]

Which one is it? I'll get it for you.
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Oh, hey, Shindou! [Argument, what argument? Distraction in the form of Shindou is very much welcomed yes.

The one in the Mannouzaka uniform's wandering off now since he doesn't have to explain himself anymore apparently. Thank goodness.]
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[Shindou stares after the other Kirino, a little worriedly. Even though he's a jerk, he's still Kirino but the one he knows is here now so he can't exactly leave him. At least there's no arguing anymore.]

Is everything okay?
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Just a little spat, that's all. [Just a shrug.] It happens a lot, no big deal.
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You really shouldn't...

[His voice trails off. He doesn't really want to nag at Kirino even if seeing the two of them fight makes him sad.]
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[A frown.]

... I'll try to avoid him from now on, don't worry.
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You don't have to just-- [Sighs.] I guess you can't help seeing how he is.
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... It's still kind of sad, even if he is a jerk. I guess.
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A bit. [He tries smiling.] You're both still you even if the place you came from is different.
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[A nod.]

I guess that's taking talking and arguing with yourself to a new extreme, huh?
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[He laughs.]

Definitely. This place is pretty amazing, huh, for something like that to happen.
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It's interesting at the very least.
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It makes me wonder how many other version of us there are.

[Although he's never seen a double of himself around before.]
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I'm not sure... [He's pretty sure he hasn't seen any doubles of Shindou either, but he keeps that to himself.]
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Well, it doesn't matter anyway.

Do you want to go do something? Instead of just standing around here.
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[AND HE'S WHAPPING THEM BOTH. With one strike, of course.]

You lot sure are noisy, neeee~?
Why don't you little shits just sit down and talk it out quietly like good little kids, or whatever they teach in grade school nowadays!
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... Ya ladies sure are loud.

[ From out of nowhere, a ninja appears in close proximity between the two! But their argument is so heated, it's possible he's not going to get acknowledged at all. ]