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[Well, well. Yet another newcomer has arrived. An angry, disgruntled newcomer with nii-san issues, but a newcomer nonetheless.]

This place stinks of crybabies and losers.

[And here he half expected to find himself inside the Raimon Soccer club room.]

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[Did somebody say nii-san?]

Ah, Kyousuke.

[He smiles.]

I thought I was going to be the only one here.

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[You better not be mean to anyone >:C]

Yes, it seems so.

[He thinks for a second.]

Do you know where "here" is, by any chance?

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[He looks around]

It doesn't really look like anywhere I've seen...

[He sighs but smiles]

Well I suppose as long as we're both safe. things will work out.

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[No don't beat up kids with a soccer ball, that would betray soccer! You don't want to betray soccer and make your nii-san cry again, do you?]

In the meantime, are there any soccer balls around? I want to see some of your hissatsu techniques in person.
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Wow, aren't you positive.
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At least I'm not going around and insulting anyone.
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Indirect insults count.

Anyway, who're you?
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Give me your name and I'll give you mine.
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[Not dignifying that last sentence with a reply.]

Fine then. [He shrugs.] Kazemaru Ichirouta. And you are...?
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[... tiny smirk.]

Strange name, but I guess it's nice to meet you, None of your concern.
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"Mr. Anonymous" doesn't quite have the same ring. [Teasing smile.]
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"Mr. Anonymous" it is then.
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If I'm wasting your precious time, why are you still here?

And that wasn't meant to be snark. Since I don't know your name, I'm going to call you Mr. Anonymous.


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seriously mr anonymous. good one.i am kiyama hiroto.from sri lanka
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[There's a smug look on his face.]

Oh really? You must be smelling yourself then!

normal about inazuma

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i really love inazuma .my favourite character is xavier i think he is handsome i love him