30 September 2012 @ 07:14 pm
[The morning had started out with an invitation to a masquerade that was to be held that evening. Along with the invitation, clothes and a mask had also been provided. Perhaps you planned on actually attending, perhaps you pushed the thought to the back of you mind. Either way, by choice or compulsion, you're in the ballroom now in the clothing and mask that had been provided.

 The room you just walked into has a rather elegant, formal atmosphere. It's lined with columns, and there are two winding staircases that lead to an upper floor, their railings accented with what appears to be gold. Around the edges of the room are small, but comfortable-looking couches for those who want to rest, as well as a table with a punch bowl and other refreshments. The music playing is continuous, switching from one song to the next fluidly.

Stick around for a while. Mingle. Enjoy the party.]
04 July 2012 @ 02:30 pm
['sup, residents of the DR.

Guess what.

It's hotter than hell, as per your usual summer days. Lovely, ain't it? Not even the breeze is gonna cool you off, because THAT'S HOT TOO.

Don't worry though, the DR is here to help! ... Err, sort of. Those of you going "outside" (though, why would you?) will discover that the soccer field is no longer RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR.

Nope, it's just grass now. There's a shed off to the side that has some sport equipment in there, and a gravel path that... forks? The left fork leads to the pitch, but the right...

Since when did the DR have a lake? Well, that doesn't matter now, does it? There's all sorts of fun stuff. Waverunners, kayaks, canoes, other sorts of boats, inflatables, fishing equipment, anything you can think of! And most importantly, life jackets of course.

Go ahead, go cool off by doing fun stuff in the lake. You know you want to.]
08 April 2012 @ 12:57 am
[So maybe you woke up this morning with something a bit... different.

Go take a look in a mirror. Those are rabbit ears set right atop your head. Yup. Genuine rabbit ears. And yes, they're attached. There are even little nerve endings that hurt if you try to tug them off.

Now, scattered all around the DR... wouldn't you guess? Easter eggs! Pretty ones, in pastel colors, like pink, yellow, mint green, lavender, light orange, and pale blue. You can even pop them open for a treat inside! Enjoy!!

... If only it were as simple as that, however. Upon consuming that little treat from the Easter egg, you might start feeling a bit strange...]

(Egg effects:
Pale Blue - An unshakeable sadness. Not like, depression or  anything, just a light air of melancholy.
Yellow - Opposite to the pale blue egg: It's not sadness and hoo boy definitely not light. ALL OF THE HAPPY.
Mint Green - Genderbender! Enjoy those new... uh, parts.
Lavender - Attention span? What attention span?
Light Orange - ENERGY BOOST LIKE WHOA. Bouncing off the walls with energy!)

29 March 2012 @ 09:37 pm
[But have no fear, there's no dancing dinnerware. Or singing dinnerware for that matter.

There IS, however, many tables piled high with any kind of food you could possibly imagine. If you can name it, it's probably somewhere on one of these tables. The room looks extremely well-decorated, too, with a welcome banner hung up high for everyone to see.

... But strange, other than those who may have walked in with you, there's nobody around to set all of this up.

Don't pay it any mind~ Just kick back, relax, enjoy the free food. Mingle. Be our guest.]