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There's certainly a lot of pink in this room--

[--and also a lot of hostility, it seems.

It looks like four Kirinos just converged into one room in the DR and are bickering amongst themselves... or at least two of them are. One donning a Mannouzaka uniform and the other wearing the usual Raimon uniform are the ones who seem to be doing all the bickering...]

Me?! The imposter?! I think not!

Yeah?! Explain that uniform, then!

I go to Mannouzaka, dumbass!

[If anyone wants to shut them up, feel free. There's also a much younger version of Kirino looking up at the two older ones with a frown, plus a cat version that's probably darting past your feet when you step inside.]

[ooc: Just specify whether you want to talk to [personal profile] doingthemistything (Canon), [personal profile] manipulativemist (Mannouzaka AU!Kirino), [personal profile] bubblegumball (Bitty), or [personal profile] mistkitty (Cat). Even if the latter won't do very much talking.]

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[The DR's been pretty quiet lately, huh? If you happen to wander into the kitchen, you'll find Kirino here and [personal profile] honeybadgerniisan cooking! There doesn't seem to be any particular occasion, but... they've managed to make quite a bit...

You could probably get the attention of either one if you wanted, and maybe sneak a bite of the food while you're at it...]

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[Depending on where you might be in the DR, there's somehow a stack of boxes. Should you look over, a pink, possibly strangely-familiar-seeming cat will poke its head out of the topmost box.

What do.]

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[Well, DR, there looks like there's a new Kirino around-- one of a different variety though. You might spot him poking through the hallways with a scowl.]

You have got to be kidding me.

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[So after stumbling around blindly through a place that was completely unfamiliar to him, Kirino eventually wound up outside.

Oh, hey, there's a soccer field.

Anyone who managed to wander out here, bother y/n?]